What can be population of Berne?

Answer The population of Bern, or Berne, is at 133,920 as of Dec 2010.

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Population of Switzerland?

Switzerland's population= 7,866,500German is spoken by 60% of the population, followed by french(20 %) and italian (7%)-And you´ll be able to enter Switzerland as long as you have a visa from any ... Read More »

What is the population of the US military?

army 495,000; navy 388,760; air force 390,000; marines 174,000army 738,699 active/reserve

What is zero population growth?

Zero population growth is a state in which a population reproduces only enough to keep its numbers steady, not enough to increase in number. Advocates of zero population growth include the organiza... Read More »

What is a population parameter?

Population parameter is a term used in statistics. It refers to a measurement of a population that is being studied. The parameter is a number that is used by scientists to describe a specific popu... Read More »