Is New York's state symbol the New York flag?

Answer The New York State flag is just one of many official state symbols; the flag itself consists of images of the official state coat of arms and other representations of the concept of liberty. Other ... Read More »

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Which state has the highest population of African Americans?

The state of Mississippi has the highest population of African Americans, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. African Americans make up approximately 38 percent of Mississippi's population. The st... Read More »

Which state has the highest Spanish-speaking population?

According to the United States Census Bureau, California has the highest number of Spanish speakers, with 12,442,626, as of 2008. In terms of the percentage of the state's population, New Mexico ha... Read More »

What state has the largest percentage of its population join the military?

The total number of military recruits (Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force) for 2005 was 162,549. Total youths (15 to 24) recruited were 160,568, with the largest numbers from Texas (18,019) and Cali... Read More »

How to Get a Job at Age 14 in New York State?

So you've just turned 14 and are looking for a job. You find the perfect job, and they ask you for your work papers. How do you obtain work papers? See below.