How far is the Milwaukee Amtrak Station from the Milwaukee Public Market?

Answer The Milwaukee Amtrak Station, located at 433 West Street Paul Avenue, is 0.5 mile away by foot or car from the Milwaukee Public Market, which is located on 400 North Street.References:Milwaukee Pub... Read More »

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Where in milwaukee can i eat?

Eddie Martini's in 8612 W Watertown Plank Rd Milwaukee, WI 53226

Uses for Milwaukee Tools?

Most Milwaukee tools are designed to cut, grind or drill through materials. Milwaukee offers an extensive line of both corded and battery-powered tools from drill drivers to band saws. Cordless Mil... Read More »

How to Be a Milwaukee Bucks Fan?

The Milwaukee Bucks was established in 1968. Become a Milwaukee Bucks fan by reading this article.

What does the word milwaukee mean?

There are several possible translations of the river and city name "Milwaukee," which based on an Indian word, probably from the Potawatomi language. The most widely-accepted translation is "good l... Read More »