What will be the time in Melbourne, Australia?

Answer You're in the same time zone as me! Anyway, Melbourne is 14 hours ahead of us. So when we are at 6-29-12 @ 5 pm, they are at 6-30-12 @ 7 am. Hope I helped!

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What time will it be at 1:00 PM PST in Melbourne, Australia?

That is 6AM I guess cause right now it's already 4:10PM in Melbourne, Victoria and computing the difference from our time here in Philippines and 1AM PST, you need to move back 10 hours from 4PM Me... Read More »

Im in New jersey and is 9:15 what time is in Melbourne Australia?

At 9:15pm in New Jersey, it's 11:15am the following morning in Melbourne. New Jersey is currently 14 hours behind Melbourne.

Australia>Melbourne>Vic help!?

Once you get to Flinder's Street you will need to get onto the Sydenham Line and take a train that will travel through the city loop onto North Melbourne, South Kensington and Footscray. (See ptv.v... Read More »

Moving To Melbourne Australia?

When you haven't told us your occupation, qualifications, age, or work experience or why you specifically need to move to Essendon, I'm afraid it's impossible to give more than a general answer. Yo... Read More »