Where is the U.S. embassy in Madagascar?

Answer The United States Embassy in Madagascar is located in the city of Antananarivo in the central part of the island. All United States citizens wishing to visit the country must have a valid passport ... Read More »

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Who played maurice in Madagascar?

Leo Ryan Howard plays Leo Little on Leo Little's Big Show

How is Madagascar vanilla grown?

In ice cream, tea, lotions, cakes and candles vanilla is a precious and familiar scent in our lives. While it originated in ancient Mexico, Madagascar, the small island off the east coast of Africa... Read More »

How to Care for Madagascar Periwinkle?

Madagascar periwinkle (Cathatranthus rosea) is easy to grow and can be grown both indoors and in the garden. It has shiny green leaves and has either pink, white or red flowers depending on which v... Read More »

How to Crawl in "Madagascar" PC Game?

The children's video game "Madagascar" may call for a player to crawl, or crouch to get through some obstacles. Marty the Zebra is the only character who can perform this special ability called "st... Read More »