How far is Oxford, England to London, England?

Answer Via road, the distance between Oxford and London, England, is approximately 60 miles. The drive, which travels southeast through such cities as High Wycombe, Uxbridge and Greenford, takes roughly o... Read More »

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What is the minimum wage in london, england?

Minimum wage increased from £5.52 to £5.73 per hour for people over 21, as of October 1st, 2008, in London, England. For people who are ages 18 to 21, the rate increased from £4.45 to £4.60 per... Read More »

What is the distance between London England and Glasgow Scotland?

What was the population growth in 17th century England?

England's population at the start of the 17th century was at roughly 4 million. Over the hundred years, it grew to approximately 5.5 million---an increase of more than 37 percent---with more than h... Read More »

Ten Things to Do in London, England?

London is a happening town. You could easily spend a year there and just scratch the surface of all there is to do. The city is the capital of the United Kingdom (comprising England, Scotland, Wale... Read More »