What is the distance from Little Rock to Nashville?

Answer The distance from Little Rock, Ark., to Nashville, Tenn., is 348 miles. Driving from Little Rock to Nashville takes about 5 hours and 20 minutes. Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas, and Nashvil... Read More »

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What was the significance of Daisy Bates& the Little Rock Nine?

Daisy Bates and her husband, L.C. Bates, led the fight to end segregation in Arkansas in the 1950s. The "Little Rock Nine" was a group of African-American students, organized by Bates, that success... Read More »

A tiny rock fell down my ear and it hurt a little what should i do?

ER you may damage the eardrum and go deaf--NO JOKE--you need to go get it removed. ROCKS DON'T DISSOLVE.

What is the average price for renters insurance in Little Rock Arkansas?

Renters Insurance in California is surprisingly affordable. About $15.00 per month can get you contents coverage for your personal belongings, loss of use for your additional living expenses, and l... Read More »

Who are the Little Rock Nine?

The Little Rock Nine was the first group of black students to enroll in Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957 following the desegregation of the school. The nine students were Melba ... Read More »