What is a Jerusalem artichoke?

Answer Jerusalem artichokes are a vegetable that are a winter alternative to the potato they are a relative of the sunflower both are Helianthus .PCH=A type of sunflower

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What is a Jerusalem cross?

According to, the Jerusalem Cross was a Christian symbol used in the middle ages to symbolize Jesus Christ's desire to spread the Gospel to every corner of the Earth. Derived from the G... Read More »

What visa do I need to go to Jerusalem?

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What is the origin of the name jerusalem?

The name Jerusalem is made up of the word "shalom," meaning "peace," and possibly the verb "yara," meaning variously to cast or throw, or to scatter. The name Jerusalem then is considered to mean "... Read More »

What is the significance of the Jerusalem cross?

The Jerusalem cross is a Christian symbol comprising a large Greek cross with smaller Greek crosses in each of the four quadrants. The five crosses signify both the reach of Christianity and the fi... Read More »