How to find iowa obituaties for july 2 2008 for the state of iowa?

Answer You might look at the archives for some of the bigger newspapers in the state.

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What is the lemon law in Iowa?

A "lemon" is a new car with mechanical defects that persist despite repeated attempts to fix them. Iowa law defines what makes a car a lemon and what you can do about it.Unresolved ProblemsUnder Io... Read More »

What is the age of employment in iowa?

In the state of Iowa, the age of employment or the minimum age that adolescents must be in order to work without a work permit is 16 years of age. Teenagers who are 14 or 15 years old may work but ... Read More »

What are the main landforms in Iowa?

Covered by glaciers during the last Ice Age, the state of Iowa is made up mostly of flat plains and gently rolling hills. At the front of the Mississippi River is the Paleozoic Plateau, made up of ... Read More »

What Is the Importance of the Iowa Caucus?

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