What time is it in Indianapolis?

Answer This use to give you the time by dialing this telephone number. Dial P-O-P-C-O-R-N. This gives you your local time.

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What was the total of survivors on the USS Indianapolis?

316 of 1,196 People Survived. They were sunk by a Japenese submarine and the ship sank in 12 minutes. About 300 had died in the sinking. The 1, 196 men were thrown into Shark Infested waters. When ... Read More »

What is the history of Danners,Inc. Indianapolis, IN?

I don't know anything of Mary Ann Danner. However, I think Danner Department Stores was bought out by Maxway Department Stores back in the 80's. It is my recollection that Danners, like Ben Frank... Read More »

What Is Indianapolis Sales Tax for Retailers?

Retail purchases in Indianapolis are subject to a sales tax, which goes to fund both state and local programs and services. However, Indianapolis residents and tourists can be grateful that the cit... Read More »

What food is Indianapolis is known for?

How can everyone not mention Breaded Pork Tenderlions? You'll never forgive yourself if you visit Indiana and not try one. There are many places around Indy the say th have the best and they are al... Read More »