Sport Fishing in Hilo, Hawaii?

Answer Although the Kona Coast of Hawaii's Big Island is known more for its big-game fishing and hosts the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, Hilo, located on the opposite side of the island, has... Read More »

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How long is the drive from Kona to Hilo, Hawaii?

Kona, which is a beach near Hilo, Hawaii, is approximately two miles from the center of the town. To drive from Kona to Hilo, it takes approximately five minutes. Hilo sits on Hawaii's largest isla... Read More »

When was Hawaii Community College built in Hilo?

Hawai'i Community College at Hilo used to be the Hawai'i Vocational School. The Territorial Legislature established this school in 1941. The state Legislature transferred it from the Department of ... Read More »

What does hilo mean in Hawaiian?

Hilo in Hawaiian has a variety of meanings, including: the nouns braid and twist, the concept of a faint streak of light, the adjective threadlike, and the verb to braid (or twist). Also, it was th... Read More »

How far is Hilo from Mauna Loa?

The city of Hilo and the volcano Mauna Loa are located on the Big Island of Hawaii. You will need to drive southwest along Highway 11 for approximately 30 miles from Hilo to reach Mauna Loa, locate... Read More »