What did the CIA do in Guatemala?

Answer They purchase the latest and greatest from vendors selling new equipment they would use and they have some of it specifically made for them too. Now that I have told you I will have to kill myself.... Read More »

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What landforms are in Guatemala?

Guatemala's landscape consists of lowland and highland regions with areas of farmland, grassland and tropical rain forest. Landforms include coastline volcanic sand beaches, plains, a limestone pla... Read More »

What did the CIA do in Guatemala and Iran?

What was the CIA coup in Guatemala?

A CIA backed and funded covert operation in the 1950's. In which the USA flexed it imperialistic might on a developing nation when it didn't agree with US foreign policy opposed upon it. Accused th... Read More »

What is the average temperature in guatemala?

The average temperature in Guatemala will vary according to specific location and altitude. The average is 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit on the coast, and 68 degrees Fahrenheit in ... Read More »