What is the population of Normandy, France?

Answer The French region of Normandy (comprising upper and lower Normandy) has a population of 3.2 million. Beaches along Normandy's 360-mile coastline were where some of World War II's bloodiest battles ... Read More »

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What are the landforms in France?

France has a variety of landforms within its borders, including mountain ranges, islands, river valleys and plains. Some prominent examples of the country's landforms include the French Alps, the i... Read More »

What is the VAT rate in France?

France's VAT rate as of 2010 is 5.5 or two percent. A VAT tax is a value added tax that has been imposed since its creation in 1954 by Maurice Laure. The tax adds value (or price) to goods while in... Read More »

What was the old currency in France?

The current currency in France is the euro, the currency of a majority of the countries in Europe. However, prior to the conversion to the euro, the currency of France was the franc.Source:Economy-... Read More »

What is VAT called in france?

In France, the value-added tax (VAT) system is known as "taxe sur la valeur ajoutee," which means literally "tax on the added value." Established on April 10, 1954, the taxe sur la valeur ajoutee i... Read More »