What is the population of Alexandria, Egypt?

Answer As of the 2006 census, the population of Alexandria, Egypt was 4,110,015 people within the metropolitan area. Alexandria is located on the northern coast of Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea and is th... Read More »

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What was the population of Cairo in ancient Egypt?

Cairo is located in the Valley of the Kings, near the city of Memphis. During the Old Kingdom (3100 B.C.E.) this area along the Nile was the epicenter of Ancient Egypt. There are no records that gi... Read More »

What was the population of Thebes in ancient Egypt?

Thebes--which was central to ancient Egyptian life and religion--had an estimated population of 50,000 residents. After the rise of Alexandria in political and economic importance, many of the cruc... Read More »

Egypt: Power and water cuts across Egypt spark various protests?

E) C or Carelessness (government not doing anything)

What does it mean to come out of Egypt?

“To come out of Egypt” means to enjoy deliverance through God’s mercy, just as Israel enjoyed deliverance when God led them out of bondage in Egypt and just as God made it safe for Jesus to r... Read More »