How to Have Fun in Pittsburgh?

Answer Pittsburgh is an amazing city! It is small but has a ton to offer. It's easy to have fun there.

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What is the zip code of Pittsburgh?

Zip codes in Pittsburgh vary by neighborhood. All start with the digits 15, but range from 15122 to 15295, depending on the exact location. For information on specific neighborhoods, visit the zip ... Read More »

How to Be a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan?

The Steelers are a great team who usually do well. They have a rich history and it is nice to be a Steelers fan.

What is the origin of the name Pittsburgh?

The name Pittsburgh originated in 1759 when the English conquered a fort set up by the French named Fort Duquesne. The English renamed the area Fort Pitt in honor of William Pitt, the Prime Ministe... Read More »

How can i get into club zoo in pittsburgh when im 15 with no ID?

Don't try it.This can only turn out badly for everyone involved. Does this somehow make you cool? You got over?You have plenty of time to hit the clubs, in the meantime, enjoy being 15, do what 15 ... Read More »