What is the popular drink Lamb's Wool made up of?

Answer There are several recipes for the popular drink Lamb's Wool. Ingredients typically include roasted apples, brown sugar, cider (hard or sweet), ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. A mix of cider and ale ca... Read More »

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What is wool gabardine yarn made of?

Wool gabardine yarn fibers are made from 100 percent wool fibers that are spun into long pieces. Because of the wool content and way in which the yarn is spun, the gabardine yarn is smooth and has... Read More »

How is wool made washable?

Some knitters shirk wool for fear of shrinking the finished project, according to knitting guru Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Chemically-treated wool makes this fear invalid, as washable wools can be saf... Read More »

How is wool made into fabric?

After wool is sheared from a sheep and washed, the wool is processed using one of two systems that determine the consistency of the finished fabric and the end product.Wollen SystemDuring wollen sy... Read More »

How is wool made into clothing?

Cloth made of wool has been around for centuries. Archaeologists have found wool fabric dating to 1500 B.C., while fine wool fabric has been dated to the fifth century B.C.SheepTo get true wool, sh... Read More »