Is ramona singer from real housewives Jewish?

Answer Ramona is Italian and she is Roman Catholic.

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Is singer Regina bell the mother of phaedra cox on real housewives of atlanta?

I went to google and, the singer Regina Belle has five children and none of there names are Phaedra.

You want to know who pinks siblings are?

Is pinks brother Jason in the air force?

Yes he is in the Air Force, he is also married to a gorgeous girl I went to high school with. Her name is Jen and the two are expecting a little girl. His wife graduated from O'fallon Township High... Read More »

Your child says pinks and purples are green and shes 2 years old should i worry?

She may still be learning her colors. When my granddaughter was two, everything was either "geen" or "boo". And if she is a bit colorblind, it's not a major handicap. Lots of us live with it.