What is the policy for driving a car in another state?

Answer All states require you to have a current driver's license from your home state, and current registration and proof of insurance must be carried in the car at all times in all states. You should con... Read More »

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Will your car still be covered by a Texas policy if your daughter is driving the car in another state?

Answer Yes, if your daughter is on the policy, either disclosed as a driver away at school in another state or she is on the policy and is just travelling to that other state and will be there no l... Read More »

Can a college student buy and register a car in the state where she is attending college and still remain on the parent's policy from another state?

Answer Yes, The insurance of a vehicle has no bearing on where the car is purchase or register.

If a college student moves out of state for school and owns a car with his own policy must he get a policy in the new state or can he keep his policy?

Answer The policy that the person already has will stay in effect. They must however notify the insurance carrier of the circumstances. In which case, the premiums might increase, depending on amou... Read More »

How do you insure a car that you own but is driven by your adult daughter who lives in another state but is on your policy?

Answer Yes, they do. Me and my boyfriend is on a account together and his license got suspended an they wrote me letter telling me that I had a couple of days to reinstate them and show proof of it.