What is the point of the game on ASUS Life Frame?

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What is the Asus LCD game mode?

Game mode by Asus purports to cater to computer gamers through high-quality details and color saturation. Some LCD monitors by Asus also offer "night view mode," which brings out details in images ... Read More »

My ASUS vh236 monitor 2ms lag has game tearing?

Here is the support site they should be able to help…

What is the name of the Saturday morning child's game show that was a life size game board it was on in the 60's and started with the letter was it shananiges?

The show was called Shenanigans. It ran on ABC from 1964 to 1965 and was hosted by Stubby Kaye.

Is the game Better Life from the Suite Life on Deck real?

No, there is no actual game called "better life", that was just used on the show. However, Better Life was based on a game called Second Life which is a 3D online chatting website. Check it out at ... Read More »