What is the point of onion sets?

Answer While onions may be grown directly from seeds, they are more commonly propagated through onion sets, which are easier for most home gardeners and some commercial farmers to grow.About OnionsMaturin... Read More »

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How far apart should onion sets be planted?

When planting onion sets, you should place them 2 to 3 inches apart for regular onions, but close enough to touch each other for green onions. When planting in rows, allow 12 to 15 inches between e... Read More »

When can i plant onion sets?

Onion sets should be planted in early spring when the soil thaws and is not too wet. Plant onion sets in a location with at least six hours of sunlight. Plant onion sets 3 inches apart, 1 to 2 inch... Read More »

When do I plant onion sets?

Plant onion sets as soon as the ground is dry enough to be worked. In some areas, this is as early as the end of March. Onions do not mind cool temperatures.Source:University of Illinois Extension-... Read More »

How to Produce Onion Sets?

A popular way for gardeners to harvest a fresh crop of green onions early in the growing season, onion sets are actually miniature onions grown from seed. The purpose of onion sets is not to produc... Read More »