What is the point of "idler axles" on locomotives?

Answer Chiel has part of the answer. Another reason (typically) is to provide stability at high speeds, such as the EMD E-series passenger locomotives; their trucks' center axle was just an idler, not onl... Read More »

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O-Guage Locomotives?

MTH and Atlas have just reentered the hobby. By just, I mean the past 5 years. Williams has been in O for many years. Welcome to the hobby. For more information go to . Model Railro... Read More »

Changes in Locomotives in the 1800s?

The 1800s saw the birth of railroads and then a number of advances. As industry and manufacturing increased so did the need and the ability to innovate in the area of transportation. The railroads ... Read More »

Why did some railroads run locomotives backwards?

Some did it for visibility, such as the Cab-Foward types of locomotives, such as those used on the Southern Pacific. (The most of the Cab-Foward steam locomotives used on the SP were used for crew ... Read More »

Is There A Difference Between Locomotives And Trains?

A very good question.Yes, there is indeed a difference between the two, and on a couple of different levels. A "locomotive" is an engine, true enough, just as JoJo says. However, as defined for ra... Read More »