What is the point of creating a computer virus and infecting other computers?

Answer There are many reasons... but here are some: To mess up there computers and being mean. I guess its fun for them. Or it can be used for a entirely different reason such as using it for spyware... j... Read More »

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I think I have a virus on my computer that keeps creating ads. Help?

Run a virus scan. If you don't have one download one. I recommend Avast as it's light on your computer's resources which prevents slow downs. Viruses tend to make your computer slow so having a ... Read More »

Why do people invent viruses/worms etc and infect other peoples computers What's the point?

nerds with time who want to feel special because they are sad loosers

What is a good computer virus scanner other than McAfee?

Hi MustangGet the FREE copy of AVAST. This is used by most programmers here and very very efficient. You won't need any other anti-virus or trojan or spybots remover. This does the job and it does ... Read More »

Computer blocked from a website, but other computers are fine?

check other website working fine or not .. then open the CMD in windows type ping press enter ..if working reply from this shows or if not working request time out shows.. ... Read More »