What is the point of Facebook?

Answer people get connected with which other and update with current happening :-)

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What's the point of poking on facebook?

It's a way to bother someone in hopes of them looking at your profile and making you their friend.

What's the point of facebook if no one really talks to you?

Isnt it ironic that it's a 'social networking site' but yet it's making you feel lonely? I absolutely hate facebook and what it stands for! People let it rule their heads and over-analyze every lit... Read More »

What does it mean to "tag" someones picture on facebook, whats the point of doing it?

If you tag someone in a picture, you are identifying them in the picture. Once you tag them, that picture also appears on their profile. If you scroll over a person in the picture that has been t... Read More »

Is the point of Facebook to make you hate your friends and family?

I don't need Facebook as an excuse for that.Facebooks totally sucks, though.