Is the word"staff"singular or plural?

Answer The word staff in the Merriam-Webster's dictionary is both plural and singular. Also appropriate for the plural of staff is either staffs or staves. Staff means either a long pole or an employee or... Read More »

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Is the word data singular or plural?

Data is the plural of datum, although in modern times many American usage communities employ data as the singular form. The use of datum is rare in American English and some people even use datums ... Read More »

Is the word majority singular or plural?

According to the grammar log for Connecticut Community Colleges, the word “majority” can be both singular and plural. Though the word typically serves as a singular noun, it becomes plural when... Read More »

What Are the Suction Cups on an Octopus Called?

An octopus is a cephalopod. Cephalopods are the largest of mollusks. They are extremely fast and intelligent. Their eyes are very good at focusing in on prey. All cephalopods have either arms or te... Read More »

What Kind of Octopus Lives in the Atlantic Ocean?

The octopus possesses eight tentacles, a big brain and over 240 suction cups on the bottom of its appendages. Known for their intelligence, octopi spray ink in the water to evade predators and can ... Read More »