Would you eat octopus?

Answer YES, In a second....I had some last night as a matter of fact. I eat octopus and squid both. I have even had baby octopus which was still somewhat squirming on the plate. I am an American but ha... Read More »

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How to Make a Hot Dog Octopus?

If you need new ideas of what to put in a child's bento or lunch box, this unique hot dog treat takes just a few minutes. It can definitely make any lunch different from any other. Here is how to m... Read More »

Is calamari octopus?

Calamari is made from squid rather than octopus. The name "calamari" means "squid" in Italian. The body, fins, ink and tentacles of the squid are all edible and are used in a variety of dishes.Sour... Read More »

Is calamari the same as octopus?

Calamari is not the same thing as octopus. Calamari is an Italian word meaning "squid." While the two share some like traits, squid and octopus are different in several ways, including in appearanc... Read More »

How to Draw an Octopus?

octopusWhen you are on the phone, or waiting for someone, and you pass the time by just doodling, you can make an image of something instead. You can draw an octopus by following these short easy d... Read More »