What is the plural of zucchini?

Answer It's already plural.. "We had a plate of zucchini for dinner." "Honey don't forget to grab some zucchini on the way home". Wait a tick... Now that i think of it, you could say zucchini's. "We had t... Read More »

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What is the plural of prospectus?

A prospectus is a printed statement or document that describes the expected outcome of a business venture or investment. The word was derived from Latin in 1765 and is seen as prospectuses in its p... Read More »

What is the plural of condominium?

What is the plural for gurney?

How to Write in Plural?

Writing in plural is one of the earliest grammar rules we learn. However, there can still be confusion on how to write plurals when you are in school. Some adults even have a hard time understandin... Read More »