How to Draw a Hippopotamus?

Answer Their name translates to "river horse" or "horse of the river". Hippos may be cute but did you know they could be very aggressive as well as territorial not to mention they're one of the most dange... Read More »

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Classroom Activities About the Hippopotamus?

A topic of interest for many children is animals. A particularly fun animal to study is the hippopotamus. Not only is the word "hippopotamus" fun to say, the animal itself is fun; rotund and often ... Read More »

What is the plural of condominium?

Is none singular or plural?

None can be singular or plural, depending on how it's used. The word is defined as "not one" or "not any." According to the Random House Dictionary, examples of singular and plural usages date back... Read More »

What is the plural of boss?

In order to make the plural form of any word that ends with the letters "x," "s," "ss," "ch" or "sh," you add "es" to the ending. Therefore, the plural of "boss" is "bosses." ... Read More »