What is a debt crisis?

Answer A debt crisis occurs when profits or revenues are unlikely to keep up with debt obligations. Corporations and governments experience debt crises. Effects include higher interest rates and lower pri... Read More »

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What is foreclosure crisis?

The foreclosure crisis began in 2008 when people could no longer afford to pay mortgages, forcing banks to foreclose on homes. This meant banks repossessed houses, forcing people out of homes.Ident... Read More »

What is a rollover crisis?

A rollover crisis occurs when a government that's dependent on short-term debt is unable to find enough lenders or investors to keep providing money. Rollover crises are most commonly seen in emerg... Read More »

What is the plural for gurney?

What is the plural of zucchini?

It's already plural.. "We had a plate of zucchini for dinner." "Honey don't forget to grab some zucchini on the way home". Wait a tick... Now that i think of it, you could say zucchini's. "We had t... Read More »