What is the plot for A Raisin in the Sun?

Answer Scrooge's nephew thinks Scrooge is a high spirited man, and invites him to his dinner. His nephew talks about having a merry Christmas, but scrooges reply is "Humbug!" nephew is Fred

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What was the name of the bar Walter Lee went to in Raisin in the sun?

Who is Mrs Johnson in A Raisin in the Sun?

Mrs. Johnson is a racist (towards her own people), stereotypical African America woman. She is judgemental and controlling. She is the Younger family's neighbor in their apartment building and is o... Read More »

Why was A Raisin in the Sun rejected?

It was an avant-gard play depicting the hopes and aspirations of an urban Black family at a time when there was just beginning to be a topic of interest to the general public.

What was Mama's job in the raisin in the sun?