What is the playstation used for?

Answer Playstation is a video game console made by Sony. The first Playstation was sold in Japan in 1994 and in the United States in 1995. The Playstation 3 was launched in 2006.GraphicsThe Playstation 1... Read More »

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Can playstation 2 s-video cables be used for playstation 3?

The PlayStation 2 s-video cables can be used on the PlayStation 3. In fact, the same s-video cable can be used on all PlayStation consoles, including the PS1 and PSX.Source:Trade VV: PS S-Video Cab... Read More »

Can any usb headset be used on playstation 2?

While PlayStation does sell an official PS2 headset, any USB headset will work with the gaming system as long as they support USB-audio class. Likewise, the PS2 headset can be used with other USB d... Read More »

Can a universal controller be used for a PlayStation 2?

A universal controller can be used for a PlayStation 2. The Universal Arcade controller works with any PC by plugging it into the keyboard port and with any game console with a separate adapter.(Pl... Read More »

How do I create a new account on a used Playstation 3?

Reset the Playstation 3 by going to "Settings," then "System Settings" and "Restore Default Settings." Press the "X" button and wait for the system to complete the process.Connect the Playstation 3... Read More »