Shoe lace tying song?

Answer "This is the way I tie my shoesTie my shoesTie my shoesThis is the way I tie my shoesSo early in the morning!By making little bunny earsBunny earsBunny earsBy making little bunny earsSo early in th... Read More »

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Will you give me a star for mastering the fine art of shoe lace tying?

If I can get a star for teaching someone to tie their shoes.

How to Weave Plastic Lace?

Plastic lace, also called gimp or boondoggle, is thin plastic ribbon of many different colors woven together to make lanyards, friendship bracelets, key chains, bottle holders and dozen of other cr... Read More »

What is a camera called when made out of a shoe box?

A camera that is made using a shoe box is known as a pinhole camera. The homemade device can be constructed using a variety of common items and is used to produce basic negative exposures.Reference... Read More »

How to Make a Chinese Staircase Out of Plastic Lace?

Many people enjoy making lanyards. Some use them for water bottle harnesses, bracelets or necklaces. Others make them simply to be decorative, hanging them from key chains or zipper pulls. Plastic ... Read More »