What is the plant hormone that promotes dormancy in plants&seeds?

Answer Abscisic acid is a plant hormone that inhibits growth and promotes dormancy in plants and seeds. It also promotes protein production and storage by seeds during dormancy. While dormant, plants tole... Read More »

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Characteristics of a Classroom That Promotes Diversity?

Diversity is a concept best taught to students at a young age. Throughout a student's education, she will come into contact with children who show similarities and differences to her. Naturally, a ... Read More »

Function of the Plant Hormone Gibberellic Acid?

Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by cells that affect the behavior of other cells in the organism. Gibberellic acid is an example of a plant hormone that plays an important role in plant d... Read More »

Your son bought and gave you a plant that has a tag that says Zantedeschia aethiopica but the flowers it is producing are almost black should you just use it as a container plant?

grow games are a land where you click on the panels in the right order to win. for example the correct order for grow tower is... box with button. yellow pot thing. bricks. piece of land. brown flo... Read More »

Amaryllis & Dormancy?

While amaryllis is a tropical plant and doesn't require as intense a false winter that most indoor bulbs do, it will bloom better with a dormancy of a couple of months. Resting before producing ano... Read More »