What is the placing reflex disappear?

Answer Africa, then Asia

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What does placing pennies mean?

The phrase "placing pennies" is a reference to the tradition in some cultures, including some African groups, of placing pennies on the eyes of the deceased. This tradition expanded to placing penn... Read More »

What is urinalysis reflex?

Urinalysis reflex, or urinalysis with reflex, is follow-up testing to further explore abnormal results found in a routine dipstick test. It involves culturing the urine to determine with greater sp... Read More »

What does placing stones on a tombstone mean?

Placing small stones on a gravestone is a Jewish custom performed in some, but not all, Jewish communities. Visitors place stones as a way to let the deceased know they were there; they don't blow ... Read More »

What is a single lens reflex?

A single lens reflex (SLR), as its name implies, allows the photographer to both view and record an image through the same lens. The advantage the SLR gave photographers was "What You See Is What Y... Read More »