What is the placenta called after baby is born?

Answer the placenta is called an afterbirth after the baby is born

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What happens to the placenta after a baby is born?

okay when the baby is born you have part of the imblilicacord with the baby. the imblilicacord is connected to the placenta. you will continue to have contractions until the placenta is out!

What happens to the placenta after baby is born in the hospital?

I just filled out the pre-registration papers from the hospital last night. [plan on home birth, but its done in case] There is a paragraph that says anything taken from your body can be examined o... Read More »

What is called a baby that is born too early?

When a baby has been born too early it is called a premature baby.

What is it called when a baby is born bottom first?

breech specifically Frank breech - the baby's bum comes out first, and his legs are bent at the hip and straight at the knees with their feet near their ears.)... my brother was born this way and h... Read More »