What is the pin configuration for usb connectors?

Answer Like most connection standards, the Universal Serial Bus uses multiple small pins, each adapted for a different purpose. Though USB connectors come in several different shapes, the pins inside are ... Read More »

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PC configuration vs PS3?

the pc is far more powerful both in grapphics and in performance but since pc usually have a lot of multitasking behind any games, performance usually decreases a lot, this is where consoles excel,... Read More »

PC connectors, how to solves this?

um, i know you could directly plug (recommend quietest fan/s) directly to your PSU, and they will run at 100% all the time. but thats your decision, and the 3 pin fan should be good to plug into th... Read More »

How to Crimp D-Sub Connectors?

D-sub connectors are pin-style, commonly found on wire harness cabling. These connectors are normally then inserted into a connector shell. The crimping process for a D-sub connector isn't tough, b... Read More »

What do i need for speakon connectors?

Speakon is the name of a speaker connector made by a company called Neutrik. Its usually used on professional audio gear to connect between the amp and the speaker. It was developed because of t... Read More »