What is the pin configuration for usb connectors?

Answer Like most connection standards, the Universal Serial Bus uses multiple small pins, each adapted for a different purpose. Though USB connectors come in several different shapes, the pins inside are ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of configuration?

Configuration is a word with usage in astronomy, organic chemistry, psychology, physics, computing and everyday life. The Oxford English Dictionary records its first usage as taking place in 1646.A... Read More »

What is CPU socket configuration?

Many types of socket configurations are made by different processor manufacturers. Central Processing Unit (CPU) sockets are made of metal and plastic, and have many small holes into which the CPU ... Read More »

What 2 types of connectors can be on DVI cables?

DVI- Digital (DVI-D) Supports digital display only. DVI- Integrated (DVI- I) Supports both digital and analog displayBy Joseph Julius (man from Mpwapwa- Tanzania)

What do i need for speakon connectors?

Speakon is the name of a speaker connector made by a company called Neutrik. Its usually used on professional audio gear to connect between the amp and the speaker. It was developed because of t... Read More »