What is the picture on the table in the direct TV ad?

Answer Lacrimosa movement of Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor

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Can i use this projector as a table top model and if so how do i get the picture from being upside down?

Yup. It will most likely be on the onscreen menu somewhere. There should be some settings on there about ceiling mounted, rear projection, etc. Find it, then select the one that makes it look norma... Read More »

How to Create Coffee Table Picture Book?

Coffee table books get their name from the high-quality images within them and attractive photographic covers, making them suitable for display on a coffee table. Traditionally hardbound, coffee ta... Read More »

What is wrong with the direct TV box if the picture is not showing up on the tv?

How do you stop direct tv picture freezing?

Try turning your tv off and then 5 seconds later turn it back on. Normally works for my tv.