What is lilys phone number in wireless quest?

Answer 555 4678

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Does Nextel offer wireless service for a laptop computer?

Sprint-Nextel offers several options for users who want to connect their laptop computer to the Internet. One option is a "plug-in" and portable wireless card; another is a personal wireless "Hot S... Read More »

My house phone number is withheld, but if I want to show my number, what code do I dial before phone number?

What Do I Have to Do to Make a Boost Phone Work With a Nextel SIM Card?

All cell phones need a wireless network to connect to. A Boost phone can work with a Nextel SIM card as long as there is permission from both Nextel and the old wireless network. This permission an... Read More »

How to Find a Nextel Number?

If you want to find a Nextel number, you will have to look it up in a reputable and reliable cell phone directory. Unlike landline numbers, which are public domain and are printed in phone books av... Read More »