How to Track a FedEx Shipment?

Answer FedEx specializes in fast delivery for a higher charge than snail mail. If you're sending or expecting delivery via FedEx, you paid extra for it and most likely want to stay on top of the shipment.... Read More »

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On average how long does it take to recieve a shipment from amazon if i choose the express shipment?

It depends. If the item was shipping from Amazon and not a third party. If it's form amazon, then it's a matter of whether it's in the warehouse nearest you, or one farther away, and how large it... Read More »

Ok,I order two things at a different time but one shipment say origin post preparing shipment.?

One was mailed, and the other one has not been mailed yet.

How do i track someone's phone number?

if you don't have the phone number then there is nothing you can do....!

Can you track someone by their cell phone number?

Generally you cannot track someone by their cell phone number because it is illegal to do so without that person's explicit permission. However, all cell phone networks do have the capability to do... Read More »