Does Countrywide do home construction loans?

Answer Countrywide Financial no longer exists as a distinct company. Bank of America purchased Countrywide in 2008, and the Countrywide part of the business was renamed and rebranded to Bank of America Ho... Read More »

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Is countrywide home loans considered a loan broker?

Countrywide Home Loans is not a loan broker. Loan brokers simply serve as the middle man between a mortgage lender and a mortgage borrower. Countrywide is a mortgage lender and is currently owned b... Read More »

How to Keep Home Phone Number & Forward Calls to Cell Phone?

Call-forwarding service allows you to forward calls from one phone to another so that you don't have to miss any calls. If you primary use your cell phone, you can still keep your home phone and fo... Read More »

How can I blocke a phone number from my home phone?

If it is someone harrassing or threatening you. You can make a police report and call the phone company. They can put a 'trap' on your phone which will document everytime they call. You can sign... Read More »

How can you block someone's phone number on your home phone? have several choices here.....first try using *77 which is ACR anonymous call rejection!If that person is using *67 to call you......then they cant get thu if you use *77, but its a ... Read More »