How to Get a Boy's Phone Number in Middle School?

Answer When you see a boy that you like, even if you are still in Middle School, you just might want to get his phone number. This way you can communicate with him in private outside of school and you don... Read More »

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How to Live in Middle School Without a Cell Phone?

Don't have a cell phone? Can't get one right now? Do you think that everyone else has one? Being the only one without a phone can make you feel left out at times. Here's how to cope!

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Cell Phone in Middle School?

In middle school and everybody has a cell phone but you? Here's how you real those parents in.

What cell phone do you recommend for a middle school student?

I have a Nokia flip. It's kinda crappy, but it gets internet, texting, and I've dropped on the pavement several times, yet it's never broken. Great for an active 6th grader (that's when I got mine!... Read More »

Binary Number System Activities for Middle School Math?

The binary numeral system refers to the representation of values using only two symbols, 1 and 0. Because of its straightforward usage in circuits, the binary system has been established as the lan... Read More »