What numbers do i add to the begin of a phone number if i am ring north carolina in the US from the UK.?

Answer You need to say what city you are calling.You start with 001, then drop the leading zero of the US number, so for instance the town "Raleigh" in North Carolina would start with:001919 - then dial t... Read More »

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My house phone number is withheld, but if I want to show my number, what code do I dial before phone number?

Looking for persons at this phone number 9105381375 that lives in north carolina?

Its a cell phone number and the web site I looked it up at didnt give a name...sorry

Can anyone tell me what the perfect phone for me is! 10 POINTS!!!!!?

I own the LG Voyager it does all those things you want and now with rhapsody and verizon has unlimited text data and voice plans which will include your aim and the voyager is a touch screen with a... Read More »

What is the number of counties in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a southeastern state in the United States of America. It is bordered by Virginia to the north, South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, and the Atlantic Oce... Read More »