How do I report a collection agency for calling the wrong number?

Answer Fight Back with the Fair Debt Collection Practices ActSend a letter to the collection agency, if you can get its address, informing them that they are calling the wrong number and you do not want t... Read More »

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I have a medical bill for 168.00 that was sent to a collection agency after I made a payment. They are going to keep in the collection agency until my bill is paid off. This can not be right.?

If the bill was late enough to be sent to a collection agency, the collection of that bill has been turned over to that collection agency as well.

How to Stop Phone Calls From Chase Financial Services?

In the age of caller ID and easy access to telephone numbers, Chase Financial Services as well as other financial companies may call customers or potential customers much too often. Depending on th... Read More »

How to Sue a Collection Agency for Illegal Collection Practices?

Debt collection agencies operate by purchasing debts from credit card companies and other creditors, collecting the owed amount in place of the original debt owner. Some collection agencies attempt... Read More »

Can collection agents call a cell phone number?

In January 2008, the Federal Communications Commission ruled that debt collectors may contact a person only if the cell phone number was originally provided on the credit application. It is legal f... Read More »