Do you have any strange phobias/fears when it comes to your child?

Answer Last week I had a dream that someone tried to take my daughter, which is my worst fear in the world. The next night I had a dream that my husband's aunt and grandmother tried to take her. I guess... Read More »

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What is the phobia of knives in the dishwasher?

I know that fear of knives is aichmophobia, but fear of them in the dishwasher is very specific. Though they have a lot of names for phobias, I don't think they have a name for that. Is it a fear o... Read More »

What phobia is the fear of ovens?

Clibanisophobia- I have it! I have it do u pronounce that?-Kl eye ban ih sow Faux Bee uhh

What stores can i buy breaking benjmin's CD phobia!!!?

fye or somethn like that i like that band lots mi cuzin got it from there he has liek every cd of every band in the world!or try circuit city, best buy, hot topic, spencers, stuff like that they sh... Read More »

What is the phobia for fear of vacuum cleaners?