What is the pesticide pyrethrum?

Answer Pyrethrum is a natural pesticide, containing chemicals which not only kill pests but pose a significant danger to humans as well. The U.S. Environment Protection Agency has conducted several survey... Read More »

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Pyrethrum Daisy As a Pesticide?

The pyrethrum daisy, better known as a chrysanthemum, has long been known to have insecticidal properties. The flowers naturally repel a number of pests, from fleas to lice to mosquitoes. While it ... Read More »

Pyrethrum Cultivation?

Pyrethrum is the label given to plants in the Chrysanthemum family. Two plant varieties in the Chrysanthemum family, one originating in Persia, the other in Dalmatia, are valued for their flowers, ... Read More »

Allergy From Pyrethrum?

Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide that is obtained from chrysanthemum flowers. The compounds that make up pyrethrum are pyrethrins and cinerins and are extracted from the flowers using solvents. P... Read More »

Is pyrethrum an insecticide?

Pyrethrum, an insecticide made from compounds contained within the flowers of chrysanthemum plants, is considered environmentally friendly because it has a low level of toxicity and breaks down qui... Read More »