What is the percentage of sand silt and clay in a sample of soil?

Answer depends on the kind of soil, each kind would have different composition, in fact the kind is defined by the percentage of sand,silt and clay it has.

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What term is usually used to refer to the proportions of sand silt and clay in a sample of soil?

This is called the soil 'texture." There are sandy soils, clay soils, and well-balanced soil (with a mix of sand, clay/silt particles and organic material like compost) is usually referred to as "l... Read More »

How do i add sand to clay soil?

Amending Clay Soil with SandUse a tiller or spading fork to turn the sand in with the clay soil. Avoid working clay soil while it is sopping wet, as it tends to clump and compact further. Use coars... Read More »

How to Improve Clay Soil With Sand?

Clay soil is the most fertile type of soil. It retains moisture longer than other types of soil, which can be a real advantage during a hot, dry growing season. There are a few disadvantages to soi... Read More »

Do beans grow faster in clay, soil or sand?

On One Hand: Beans Prefer Organic MatterBeans grow best in rich soil with lots of nitrogen. The BBC's garden guide to beans recommends preparing soil by "digging over and adding plenty of organic m... Read More »