What is the percentage of people who are blind?

Answer About 3 percent of the American population is either legally blind or visually impaired, according to the Centers for Disease Control or Prevention. The Federal Interagency Forum on Aging Related ... Read More »

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What do blind people see?

it depends on the extent of their blindness and the cause. some blind people cant faintly see black and whites while others have their area of vision limited to a pin hole

How many blind people have been educated compared to deaf people?

Its not unusual, However suggest you resist doing something about it.

Are blind people more intelligent than deaf people?

On One Hand: No, They Are NotAccording to special education teacher Beverlee Byers, there is no proven link between blindness and intelligence or deafness and intelligence. This means there is no r... Read More »

What do blind people see in their dreams?

If they could see at one point in time (like they became blind when they were 5 or something) they would dream seeing the things they saw up until that point. If they were born blind they would onl... Read More »