Cultures That Still Practice Arranged Marriages?

Answer Since ancient times, arranged marriages have existed in many different cultures. In this type of marriage, community leaders, matchmakers or parents choose marital partners for young people based u... Read More »

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Is my former spouse entitled to a percentage of my VA benefits after divorce?

Veterans Affairs (VA) retirement benefits are considered marital assets and are treated as such in a divorce. A former spouse could have the right to some portion of benefits paid to a veteran. How... Read More »

Would an ex military spouse qualify for a percentage of military retirement in a divorce?

Ex-military spouses qualify for 50 percent of the military member's retirement if the couple was married for at least 10 years while the service member was on active duty, according to Divorcenet.c... Read More »

What is the percentage of teens that get a adoptation?

What percentage of people go to war that are in the US army?

Up until the Korean War in 1950, the army's portion was probably 60% with the navy taking 35% and the Marines the remaining 5%; the Marines being part of the navy. There was NO AIR FORCE prior to 1... Read More »