What percentage of kids graduate high school?

Answer Sixty-nine percent of high school students graduate from high school with a regular diploma each year. The graduation rate varies significantly between race groups, ranging from a graduation rate o... Read More »

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What Percentage of Americans Have a High School Diploma?

High school diplomas are required by many colleges and workplaces. The Department of Education is continuously working with states to lower high school dropout rates and increase overall American e... Read More »

How to Convert High School Percentage Grades to GPA?

According to Penn State University, schools use a student's GPA score to numerically represent academic performance quality. The GPA, also known as grade-point average, can determine whether a stud... Read More »

What percentage of kids graduate high school in China?

According to a survey by the China Association for Promoting Democracy, Chinese junior high school drop-out rates approach 40 percent. Many of those drop-outs choose a farming career in place of hi... Read More »

What is the percentage of kids who do not go directly to college after high school?

Statistics reported in 2008 by the National Center for Education Statistics say that the number of teens who choose not to attend college immediately after high school graduation ranges between 31 ... Read More »