What percentage of kids 8 to 18 have a computer in their home?

Answer If your child is between the ages of 8 and 18, then he is part of the 86 percent of American youth who has a computer in his home, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation site. The same site poin... Read More »

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Does anyone have their hipbones pierced?

Do you mean hip surface piercings? If so, I wouldn't recommend them, try dermals or skindivers instead as surface piercings have a high rejection rate. Dermals and skindivers look better in my opin... Read More »

What percentage of people in the U.S. have Internet access in their home?

About 70 percent of Americans have Internet access at home, according to a study sponsored by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and conducted by the Census Bureau. The ... Read More »

What percentage of the United States have their Master's degree?

According to a 2009 U.S. Census Bureau population survey, about 6.72 percent of the population of the United States above the age of 18 have Master's degrees. Above the age of 25, about 7.62 percen... Read More »

What do teen girls have in their room?

they usually have teen boys in their room