What is the percentage of a teenager getting pregnant?

Answer Out of 6 million pregnancies is 750 000 of them by teens.

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How do you handle your teenager getting a girl pregnant?

Support them both in any way you can. Try to remember that you're not the only one upset by this. Chances are, he is too, and he needs you to be there for him to help him through. Think about it: y... Read More »

What help can a pregnant teenager expect?

Oh now there is a great deal of places a teenager whio i s pregnant can go to for help, thee are many organizations who help them with money and will also guide them, it is no longer a thing of old... Read More »

What can stop you from getting pregnant can eating rocks stop you from getting pregnant?

Not if you are a goldfish or a polar bear. But if you are human, YES!Sex, just for the sake of sex is not right. That's one of the things that raises humans above other mammals. Sex should be saved... Read More »

What is the percentage of women getting periods during pregnancy?

Answer Less than 1%. I was a midwife for 20 years and only knew one woman who had periods while pregnant.